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“I am so glad I reached out to Jennifer when I needed a sounding board.  Her perspective and insight is invaluable and over the years her advice has saved our organization time and money.”

– Festival Director

“When it comes to communications strategy, Jennifer is an unparalleled leader in her field. Beginning in 2013, every time we’ve hired her to help us, we’ve found her to be the missing collaborator we needed. She has helped Seattle Opera lay the foundation for increased public trust and more engaged audiences—which means her work has also helped to generate revenue for our nonprofit organization. 

 There have been several times when our PR and marketing team have faced major challenges or come to an impasse, not knowing how to proceed. Jennifer is always the one we’ve called to help us get unstuck. She is fearless and passionate in her desire to help. She is creative, and adaptable to clients’ needs and dreams. She has helped us to stand out as a top option for arts, culture, and entertainment in the Pacific Northwest.”

Gabrielle Kazuko Nomura Gainor, Seattle Opera

“Jen helped our digital marketing campaigns successfully navigate obstacles and challenges in the wider communications and media arena. She’s a planner, she thinks ahead, and solves problems before they have a chance to get in the way.”

Julia Beers, digital marketing strategist

“Jennifer was instrumental in getting our project launched. She is passionate about helping us reach our goal and is a fabulous person to work with.”

Elizabeth Ralston, Seattle Cultural Accessibility Consortium 

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